Hammurabi's code of laws

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Image at the right shows the top of the pillar that had Hammurabi's code engraved on it. Hammurabi's law code prescribed punishments ragging from fines to death. Often the punishments were based on social class of the victims. Here some examples of the laws:

  1. If a man has stolen an ox, a pig, a sheep or a boat that belonged to a temple or place he shall repay 30 times of its cost. If it belongs to a private citizen, he shall repay ten times. If the thief cannot pay, He shall be put to death.

  2. If a woman hates her husband and says to him, " you can't be with me" the authorities of in her district will investigate the case. If she has been chaste and without fault, even though her husband has neglected or belittled her, she will be held innocent and may return to her father's house.

  3. If the women is at fault, she shall thrown into the river.

  4. If a man put out eyes of a another man, his eyes shall be put out.

  5. If he put out the eye of freed man or break the bone of a free man, He shall pay one gold mina.

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